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Venice Architecture Beinnale

The media has been replete with coverage of the Venice Architecture Biennale over the past couple of days. We can’t possibly hope to provide a comprehensive summary of that in this small space, but we certainly can offer some general commentary and encourage you to check for favorite news sources for information about what has been on display there.

Of course, if you’re currently living in or visiting the city – and especially if you’re there looking into buying property in Venice – then we would certainly also urge you to go see it for yourself. The exhibition opened on Saturday and its panel of judges has awarded prizes to standout international designers. But the biennale will remain on view to the public until November.

Not only does an event like this provide a showcase major design trends, the media coverage indicates that it also highlights what some people are doing or aspire to do with real estate for sale in Venice. That is, the event has focused not just on design but use, and might serve as an inspiration for spectators who are interested in buying property in Italy and would like to know what demand might exist among renters, retailers, and others.

You can read more about the Venice Architecture Biennale at its website, and plan for visiting and networking with other sorts of people who are interested in buying property in Venice.

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