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Tuscan Wine and Tuscan Dreams

23 Apr 2016

We’ve previously lauded the benefits of buying property in Tuscany if you happen to be a wine lover. But it’s a point that bears repeating, especially when there are specific properties to bring to bear on the discussion.

The Australian real estate site Domain recently published an article featuring some prime property for sale in Tuscany, which promises to give a jump start in the wine industry to anyone who can afford to nearly 19 million dollar price tag.

Of course, we fully appreciate that an interest in buying property in Italy doesn’t necessarily mean being able to afford something this lavish. On the other hand, if you do have that sort of a budget, we’re happy to help you as well, and we promise that you’ll benefit just as much from our guide to buying property in Italy.

But ultimately, we feature these superlative properties mainly in the interest of getting your imagination working about the types of opportunities that exist for you when buying property in Tuscany or any other locality. Imagine it well, and we can help you to find something in your price range that still promises to turn your dream into a reality.

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