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Tuscan Property is for Wine Lovers

19 Apr 2016

wine tasting

A recent AFP report highlighted the VinItaly event that took place in Verona this week, drawing 55,000 wine industry professionals from 141 countries. The article suggests that although France has been more commercially successful overall, Italy may be better in terms of variety and overall quality. If you’re convinced by that argument, what better way to acquaint yourself with Italian wines than by buying property in Tuscany?

We’ve previously discussed the obvious appeal held by real estate for sale in Tuscany, as far as aspiring vintners are concerned. But what if you simply have a passion for wine as a consumer and a connoisseur? Is it worth buying property in Tuscany, or generally buying property in Italy, in order to be close to the action, so to speak?

Well, the VinItaly event may suggest that it is, provided you’ve got the resources for such a lifestyle-driven investment, and have acquainted yourself with a guide to buying property in Italy. It seems that with each passing year, the world’s attention is focusing more closely on Italian wines. Already, the AFP report indicates that prosecco has overtaken champagne as the world’s most popular sparkling wine.

The report also makes it clear that there’s enough diversity and new development in the Italian wine industry to keep tens of thousands of industry professionals coming back and learning year after year. If you hope to ever match or exceed their expertise, one way to start along that path may be by buying property in Tuscany.

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