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Rome is Persistently Popular for American Travelers

Examiner recently reported that according to an evaluation of AAA travel bookings between June 1 and August 15, Rome is the single most popular summer vacation destination for Americans traveling abroad. Naturally, the perennial desire to travel to such a location also encourages the ongoing growth in desire for buying property in Rome.

You may have witnessed that transition, yourself. It may be why you’re visiting Connection Italia and presumably trying to develop your own personal guide to buying property in Italy. But there’s something more significant in the nationwide statistics that a mere reminder that you’re not alone in your love for Italian travel destinations.

Examiner notes that the desire for travel to Rome has even weathered a State Department travel alert regarding the terror threat throughout Europe. And that persistence among American travelers represents serious potential opportunities for you as a foreign-based buyer of real estate in Italy. That is to say, if you can trust that steady streams of American vacationers will follow you to the vicinity of your real estate investments, you can make good use of your cultural and linguistic connection to them.

As you surely recognize, when American travelers go overseas, they often expect a touch of the exotic mixed with the comforts of home. As an American buying real estate in Rome, you can help to provide that via their hotel, retail, and other experiences. Their appreciation of the service can easily translate to profit for your investment.

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