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Making the Ancient Modern

In May, the New York Times real estate section ran a feature on one couple’s successful venture into buying property in Tuscany and restoring it from ancient dilapidation to a modern, luxury home. The house, built on the skeleton of a former mill estimated to date back to the 13th century, is now on the market for 6.5 million dollars.

If that is around your price tag for buying property in Tuscany, you should certainly read through the vivid description, look over the photographs, and consider this property as an option for your Italian real estate purchase. But if you yourself are a developer like Ruth Infarinato and Chris Daniels, you might instead look upon their story is an object lesson in what you can do with property that might otherwise seem lost to time.

There are many more such pieces of real estate for sale in Italy. We have featured some of them in the past, including the numerous limestone houses of Matera. As the Times acknowledges, buying real estate in Tuscany with bringing it out of the ancient world can be costly and extremely challenging. But as Infarinato and Daniels, as well as many others have demonstrated, there is unparalleled value in doing it well.

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