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Golfing in Italy

07 Apr 2016

Italian Golf Course Property

What sorts of hobbies and activities do you think of when you think about buying property in Italy? Alpine skiing? Wine connoisseurship? What about golf? The latter is probably not near the top of your list, but if you have the finances to consider buying high-value Italian property, there’s a decent chance that that’s an activity that you or someone you know has an interest in.

So, access to golf courses might be as much a factor in buying property in Italy as it would be in buying property in England or the United States. In that case, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of properties on the market that offer just that. And if you take some time to research real estate for sale in Italy today, you’ll likely find that it provides even better alternatives than some areas where “golf” is more of a household term.

One small clue to this fact was provided by the Wall Street Journal recently when it featured a side-by-side comparison of three homes with golf courses either on or very near their property – one in England, one in Arizona, and one in Italy. Interestingly, the Italian option is notably less expensive than the other two, although “inexpensive” may not be the word for something that approaches the 14 million dollar mark.

But if this is in your price range and golf is an activity you’d like to bring with you after buying property in Italy, you can rest assured that there are properties like this one that are available to you.

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