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Buying Property in Italy Still Offers High Returns… for Now

04 May 2016

At various times over the past few months, we have used this blog to emphasize the fact that there had been highly positive market projections regarding Italian real estate companies and prospects for buying property in Italy.

During the same period, we have made a point of emphasizing that the Italian real estate market had room for growth and was, in fact, still in recovery. Both these facts remain true. The recovery is still ongoing, but the Italian real estate market and overall economy are both in better positions than they were several months ago.

This arguably indicates that buying real estate in Italy is now a more secure investment than it was in the recent past, but it also indicates that you may have missed out on opportunities to buy Italian property before more daring investors beat you to the punch.

There is always a question about where the most prudent balance is between risk and potential reward, and an answer to that question should certainly be a part of your own personal guide to buying property in Italy.

However, you may be running out of time to reap the rewards of a developing market. Property Magazine International now reports that property company Coima has been listed on Italy’s MTA exchange and that this may “kick-start” the continued growth of Italian real estate. Unless you’re committed to playing it safe with lower returns, you may be approaching your last chance to invest.

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