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Buy or Rent an Italian House

We make buying property in Italy easy!

What we can do:

  • Locate your desired property.

  • Help evaluate your property choice.

  • Provide our legal team.

  • Help establish legal residence.

  • Restore or construction of property.

  • Interior design services.

  • Coordinate all logistics of purchase.

5 Reasons To Buy in Italy

1. It's Easier Than You Think
Dreams are usually dreams because they are difficult to achieve. You may have heard that the process for buying a home in Italy can be drawn out because of the bureaucracy involved in the approval process. Rest assured, as our team is fully equipped to ensure that your dream becomes a reality with as little stress as possible.

2. It’s Not as Expensive as You Think
Many people are convinced that buying property in Italy is far more expensive than the alternatives of Spain and France. However, a typical budget you’d be considering for the likes of Mallorca or Brittany, can actually find you a lot of properties in Italy. It might not be a luxury villa in Chianti but there are other options in prime locations such as Liguria that you can find with your typical budget.

3. Consistent Rental Potential
If you were to purchase a home or apartment in one of Italy's more populated and desired locations (Rome, Venice, Florence) you will undoubtedly have the potential to rent out your property when you aren't using it.

4.  Wise Investment
We have already established that the economy has allowed you to get more house for your dollar. We have also introduced the opportunity of investing into a strong rental property in Italy. Other than that, property is a wise investment because of two key factors. First, the property will have no capital gains tax after 5 years (in case you decide to sell the property at that point). Secondly, there is no inheritance tax on your property.

5. The Beauty of Italy
Finally, how could you not love Italy? The European nation is known for its culture, food, and sport. Home to some of the most beautiful beaches and some of the most beautiful people on Earth.

Letter From The Owner

Hello, my name is Joseph D'Amelio.

We solve all of your logistical needs with continuous communication and control, backed with our team of professionals here in the United States and in Italy. We eliminate the wasted time, effort and anxiety that usually is associated with purchasing property overseas.

After graduating from college with a major in Construction Management,  I then went into the design, development, and construction industries for over 25yrs. During this time, my love for my parents homeland grew more and more.  Soon after, I purchased my first property in Italy.

I started Connection Italia because I saw a need to stream line the process in fulfilling people’s desire of home ownership in Italy. Whether it is a vineyard in Tuscany or an apartment in Rome.

At Connection Italia we are not Real Estate agents (although we work with them), but rather facilitators and consultants. Our services are second to none, giving you the opportunity to manage all of your requirements from one centralized, dependable source.

Our team believes in your high expectations. We are veterans of the Real Estate, Construction and Design Industry who understand and deliver high value for our clients. We take the fear out of buying, restoring, and owning a home in Italy. With our experts, the entire process amounts to positive results. Therefore, if you are interested in a full service American company that can walk you thru the entire process with competence and assurance of getting YOUR dream fulfilled, contact Connection Italia. We will walk you thru the entire process from search to move in!

When you choose to work with Connection Italia, you are choosing a partner who will put the clients’ interests above our own.

“Let us fulfill your Italian dream”


  • I contacted Connection Italia via a close friend that was looking for an ancestral home in Itay. I personally had wasted days, weeks trying to find and purchase a home. But with Joseph I discussed what and where I was interested in and within a few weeks, I was in Italy and soon after purchased my home. I then renovated the entire home. I must say that I thought it was going to be a long process but joseph had all the professionals in place to make it as smooth experience. I was able to stay in the USA while all the work was being carefully completed in Italy. They help me with every aspect from procurement, to turning the lights on. I can truthfully say I couldn’t have done it without them.

    Doctor Donald J Pirozzi
  • I was so nervous about purchasing property in Italy but after spending so much time there I figured I might as well invest. Connection Italia made the process smoother than silk for me. Thank you so much for making this happen for me.

    Julian Greco
  • I used to spend my summers in Italy visiting with my grandmother. I have always had a special place in my heart for the culture. There is really no other place in the world like it. I have always wanted to give my children the same experience. Connection Italia has made my home purchase in Tuscany a breeze. The professionalism is unparalleled. Grazie, Connection Italia!

    Marco Costa